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What are the application materials for hook and loop?
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1, nylon material
Nylon is not easy to burn, and it is very soft. hook loop is more suitable for use on clothing and is a very environmentally friendly material.

2, polyester material
It is easy to burn, it produces black smoke, it is accompanied by a pungent smell, the material is hard, and it feels rough.

3, polyester and nylon mixed material

Combine all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, not easy to burn, very durable. Adhesive Velcro is made using this material

4, Unbrush material
There are mainly non-grassed hook loop types, only matte side, and hooks are usually used with nylon A-grade materials, which are more often used in close-fitting clothes.

Different materials can be made into different hook loop, different materials, the use and characteristics of hook loop is not the same, but all kinds of hook loop are in line with environmental standards, customers can choose according to their own requirements to different hook loop species.
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